Sudden Power Failure

Just imaging this, you are at home in the night watching a show on TV when suddenly there is a power failure and the whole place is in total darkness. No joke but the sudden darkness could cause a shock and injury in some cases. This actually did happen in my place as we were watching TV. A power failure in our area threw the whole neighborhood into sudden darkness. Thank goodness it does not happen often here. Fact that we were staring at the bright TV lights just before the blackout occurred actually made it worse.

Glow in the Dark Emergency Lighting

But then something happened which immediately brought calmness. Our house has glow in the dark stickers and other material placed all around the place. The moment the place was plunged into darkness, these glow in the dark products came on automatically. These glow products were there always in the same place for the past 20 years until we almost forgot about their existence. But that night during a sudden power failure, we were clearly reminded of its existence.


The Problem

Blackouts may occur once in a blue moon in some places, but when it happens, you will be glad you were prepared for it. Actual emergency lighting require periodic maintenance and discharging of the battery once every three months. Failure to do so may cause it to fail when you need it most – in a sudden blackout.

The Solution

Glow in the dark products require no batteries or electricity. They require no maintenance of any sort. Just fix it and forget about it.

Best products for this would be:

  • Glow Tape – It can be easily cut and pasted on any surface.
  • Route Marker – This can be placed on edges to light yup the path.

My neighbour used to experience frequent power trips whenever it rained, because of worn out wiring in his garden. I recommended a few products like glow stickers and pebbles to lighten up the place. He went on to recommend it to his friends and so on.