Bowling is a fun and entertaining sport. However, bowling in the dark with limited illumination makes it a lot more mysterious and exciting. This may not be appropriate in commercial venues where strangers bowl together, but it is great fun to convert an area of your house where family and friends can have a great time. The Glow in the Dark bowling lane is the solution to this. It makes it possible to enjoy your bowling experience when the lights are out.

Items Needed

Glow in the dark aluminum plates
Glow in the Dark Staircase Aluminum Nosing
Glow in the Dark Paint
Glow in the Dark Paint
UV Black Lights
2 feet uv light
Plastic bowling sets
Glow Bowling M


Map out an area for the bowling lane. Flat indoor surface is the best. Use the glow aluminum plates as lane markings. You can use the short glow plates for marking the bowling pins section.

For better effects, you can paint the glow in the dark pins and balls too. We recommend using water based glow paints if the bowling set is made from plastic.

If possible, light up the place with UV black lights. This will help to provide some light for very dark areas and also enhance the glow effects. Just a couple of 4 feet fluorescent UV lighting should do the trick. It would be best to mount these up on a wall and away from the main action.

If you want to complete DIY on this, you can use clear plastic bottles and coat the insides with water based glow paint. To add some weight, you could place some sand or soil in them.