Glow in the Dark Signage

This is a cheap diy method for producing good looking Glow in the Dark Signage. It is made using the following materials:

Procedure for making this Glow in the Dark Exit Sign is:

  1. Die-cut the wordings and the arrow shape from the Glow sticker.
  2. Paste it on the dark green sticker
  3. Paste the dark green sticker on the first acrylic sheet
  4. Place the other acrylic sheet above it
  5. Bind both acrylic sheets with the dark green tape
Glow Signage illustration


Warning Safety Signs

Glow in the Dark Signs work similar to photosynthesis. That is having the ability to absorb surrounding light and Glow in the Dark. Because of this feature, they are perfect for use as Warning Safety Signs as they are guaranteed to work in an Emergency Power failure. Glow in the Dark properties can last a lifetime. Actual lifespan depends on the materials used and the environment.

Escape Emergency Glowing


Custom Glow Signs

We can produce glow signs based on your requirements and specifications. Just contact us  for a discussion. There is no minimum order requirement. But of course the price is cheaper for larger quantities. More details on our made to order glow signage.