Glow in the Dark Tape is made from soft vinyl material. It is thin, flexible and can be cut easily with a pair of scissors. It comes with a sticky backing making it possible to paste on most surfaces.

Glow in the Dark Masking Tape has the ability to absorb and store surrounding light. When it is dark, it releases the stored light in the form of a Glow which can last for hours. Due to this feature, there are many creative ways one can use Glow Tape. Below are some ideas.


To do this, you would need to remove the stickiness of the tape first. This can be done by soaking it in water. Once done, you can wrap it around your forehead or weave it into hair for that unique rave effect.


Cut Glow Tape into suitable length and wrap it around your wrist. You can also write or draw on it. Stand out in any party!

Safety Jacket / Vest

Cut Glow in the Dark Tape into strips and paste them on Safety Jackets, Vests. These can be stitched on to ensure it does not come out. Doing this ensures maximum visibility for those who work in dark areas or in the event there is a sudden power failure.

Light Switches

Cut Glow Tape into pieces small enough to fit onto light switches. You could also use a hole-puncher to get neat looking small circular shapes. Paste these onto light switches. It helps one to locate these switches in the dark.

Glow Frames

You can frame up almost anything just by cutting and pasting glow in the dark tape around any item or object. Create glow frames around doors, or objects like furniture. This helps in spotting obstacles during a power failure.

Emergency Marking

It is a good idea to keep emergency items like torches and candles in a designated area. Then mark this area with Glow in the Dark Tape. You could also paste Glow Tape around Power Boxes. This would help to locate them easily when there is a power trip.


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