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UV Party Products

uv body paint

These creams appear white under normal light, but become invisible when applied to the skin in ambient conditions. Under UV Lighting, the cream glows in different colors like Orange, Blue, Green and White. Comes in 8ml cream tubs per color.

Product Code: 10020
Cost: $40 per 8ml color

uv lipstick

Vivid Color UV Lipstick from the world's most reputable theatre makeup producer. Available in Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink and Blue. Sold in individual colors. Comes in 15ml cream tubs per color.

Product Code: 10021
Cost: $23 per stick

uv makeup kit

3 color pot of UV light reactive makeup. Contains 4ml per color. These creams are semi-translucent and can be applied either as a thin coat for invisible effect or thick coat for enhanced effect. Comes in 7ml cream tubs per color.

Product Code: 10022
Cost: $19 per pot of 3 colors

Invisible UV Skin Marker Pen. Writes on any surface and can be removed by washing. Has been tested and certified safe for use on normal skin. Not recommended for use on face or scaly or broken skin. Not visible under normal light. Only visible when exposed to UV light. Available in colors of Yellow, Blue and Red.

Product Code: 10023
Cost: $18 each


UltraViolet Security Products

UV identifier comes in small 20gram spray bottles. Product can be used effectively for identification purposes. A quick spray on clothing or objects will leave no marks under normal light. Under a UV light, the sprayed area becomes visible. Useful in identifying criminals. Comes in 20gm spray tubes.

Product Code: 20020
Cost: $19 per 25ml tube

uv security identifier

UV invisible pen with a UV Led built into cap. Writes on any surface but works best on paper. Write secret messages, mark notes or items. Invisible under normal light. Visible only under UV light. The pen comes with a UV light at the other end.

Product Code: 20021
Cost: $8 per pen

uv invisible marker pens

UV Security Inks. Safe to use hand-stamping inks. Suitable for use on any stamp pads. Ideal for nightclub security and re-admission purposes. Can only be seen under UV conditions. Available in colors red, yellow or blue. Comes in 50ml bottles.

Product Code: 20022
Cost: $30 per 50ml bottle

uv security inks for stamp pads.

UV safety coated to help the eyes see fluorescence more clearly when using UVA. They also protect the eyes from fatigue when spending long periods of time under blacklight conditions. These glasses are NOT recommended for protection against short wave UV.

Product Code: 20023
Cost: $48 per piece

uv protective glasses

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