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Ultra Violet (UV) Inks

UV Inks for Writing Instruments (Pens) and Stamp Pads

UV inks that are invisible under normal light, but can change colors as shown in the photo below, when exposed to UV (black) lights. These inks are suitable for use in writing instruments like refillable pens, fountain pens and stamp pads.

Fact that these inks cannot be seen under normal light, or in the dark; and can only be seen when there is a UV Black Light source present! makes it an ideal product, for product identification.

UV Blue
UV Green
UV Orange
UV Purple
UV Red
UV Yellow
blue uv ink
green uv ink
orange uv ink
purple uv ink
red uv ink
yellow uv ink

UV Inks for Tattoos

UV inks for tattoos are visible both under Normal Light and Under a UV Light. Difference under normal light and UV light is shown in the photos below. White Cap indicates color under "Normal Light. Blue Cap indicates color under "UV Light".
UV Tattoo Blue
UV Tattoo Green
UV Tattoo Yellow
UV Tattoo Pink
Tattoo Blue
Tattoo Green Tattoo Yellow Tattoo Pink
UV Tattoo Red
UV Tattoo White
UV Tattoo Dark Blue
UV Tattoo Purple
Tattoo Red
Tattoo White
Tattoo Dark Blue
Tattoo Purple
UV Tattoo Orange
Tattoo Orange

UV Body Paint

UV Body paints appear white under normal light. Under a UV Black Light, they glow brightly in different colors. UV Body Paints are made from waterbased inks and safe for brush painting on body. To remove, just wash off with water.

UV Body Paint

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