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Glow in the Dark Safety Signs

Made to order, Glow in the Dark Safety Signs, that glow in the dark. Using hard acrylic and PVC materials, together with our long glow in the dark material, we can manufacture tough, long lasting sign that can glow in the dark for hours.

These weather proof signs can be used as interior or exterior signage. They require practically "No Maintenance" and "No Electricity". All that is required for these signs to work is exposure to light.

Expose the signage to normal light for around 30 minutes or UV light for around 5 minutes and these signs can glow in the dark for hours. Really handy in situations like a power failure.

These safety signs can withstand tough environmental conditions. They are water proof, fire retardant and not affected by salt, making it suitable for use on ships and vessels. Signs come with hooks at the back for easy installation.

Shown below are the various types of signs we can produce. You select the type of sign you want, send us the artwork, let us know the exact size and quantity, and we will do the rest.

Wall Mounted Glow Signs
Self Standing Glow Signs

glow in the dark safety signs

Made from PVC with galvanized aluminium alloy frame. Comes with hooks at the back for mounting on walls.

Signage in this photo is reverse glow. Meaning the bakground glows. These type of signages come in reverse glow only.


glow advertising signs

Self-standing Signs can be placed on any table, shelf or any flat surface. These signs are meant for indoor usage.

Self standing glow signs. Can be made in full color with any text or image (reverse glow) or one glow color (front glow color).

Flat Aluminium Glow Signs Hanging Dual Glow Signs

glow in the dark sign front glow

This signage is made from an aluminum sheet. Background is sprayed with normal green paint. Text is embossed with Glow in the dark paint. In this case, the text glows (front glow).

These type of signages come in front glow only.

glow in the dark sign dual glow

Dual glow signages are signs where both the front side and the back side glows in the dark. The other signages only have the front side glowing.

Dual glow signages come in handy when you want both the front and back of the sign to be seen.

Dual glow signages comes in reverse glow only (the background glows).

To request for a quote on made-to-order signs, fill out the form below.

Click here to place an order for ready made glow in the dark signs.


Type of Sign
Sign contains
Required Size
e.g. (30 cm x 10 cm) or ( 12" x 4")
Quantity Required
(MOQ 500 pieces) Samples cost $100 a piece.


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