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Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark Samples

No Shipping Charge for Samples.
Amount Paid for Samples are deducted,
when you place a large order (See Note).
Glow Product
Evaluation Pack

The Evaluation Pack contains up to 10 small packs of different types of Glow Powder. Amount contained in each pack is small, enough for evaluation purposes only.


Glow Paint

glow paint sample

Cat's Eye Glow Paint

Sample sizes of Oil based Glow Paint. Available in Green Glow Only.


Glow Plastic Master Batch Pellets

Glow in the Dark Plastic Pellets / Master batches are specially manufactured for Plastic Injection Molding purposes. Plastic molding is used mainly for the production of glow in the dark, plastic products like plastic toys, plastic casings, plastic credit cards, etc...

Plastic Masterbatch Sample Pack contains 10 small sample packs, suitable for evaluation purposes only.


Glow Plastic Aquarium Rocks

Glow in the dark rocks, also known as aquarium rocks, gravel or pebbles, are manufactured from plastic pellets. Possible uses for this product would be in fish tanks, aquariums or ponds. Being water resistant, it can be used both indoors and out.

Sample Packs containing small quantities of all 4 colors can be ordered here. Amount for each color is enough for evaluation purposes only.


Glow PVC Plastic Sheet with adhesive backing.

Glow in the dark sticker with adhesive backing. Made from flexible vinyl, you can cut into any shape, screen print and use it indoors or out. Available in Low Glow only, this product glows for about 2 hours the most.


Glow in the Dark Fabric / Cloth Material.

Glow in the dark fabric or cloth is produced from glow thread and knitted into bales of cloth / fabric. which can be used to produce glow in the dark clothing, garments, toys or anything that is currently produced by clothes.


UV Light Sensitive Powder

Ultra Violet Light Sensitive Phosphorus Powder or UV Phosphorus Powder is a product that glows only when exposed to UV light (black light). With a body color of white or light-green, these powders can glow in different colors, when exposed to UV light.

Sample packs containing small samples of all the 7 Colors we carry, can be purchased here.


glow product sample

Reseller Sample Pack

This Sample Pack contains samples of all our products like Glow Powder, Glow Pellets, Glow Rocks, UV Powder, Ceramic Glaze, Glow Stickers, Glow Paper, Glow Thread and printed material which includes our Product Catalogue and Technical Information on Glow in the Dark Products. Only product that is not included with this pack is the Glow Paint.

This Sample Pack is usefull for those interested in sampling all the products we carry, either for the purpose of finding the most suitable product to work with, or those interested in reselling our products.



Amount paid for Individual Sample Packs is fully deductable when you place a large order of at least 50 kilograms or $5,000 worth of products.

Amount paid for Reseller Sample Pack is fully deductable when you place a large order of at least 100 kilograms or $12,000 worth of products.

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