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Glow in the Dark Plastic

Glow in the Dark Plastic Pellets / Master batches are specially manufactured for Plastic Injection Molding purposes. Plastic molding is used mainly for the production of glow in the dark, plastic products like plastic toys, plastic casings, plastic credit cards, etc...

You could still manufacture plastic products that glow, by mixing the glow powder directly into plastic and molding but anyone who has tried it would know that it is easier said than done. Which is why we created plastic pellets, which already contain the glow powder. All you have to do is to melt it and mold into your required shape.

Glow plastic masterbatch pellets is the best way to produce glow in the dark plastic products, but it is also very costly. Reason for this is because you would need to create a mold, usually out of cast steel. Cost for this alone can run into thousands of dollars. So unless you are thinking of manufacturing this in large quantities, it is not worth it. Cheaper alternate methods of applying glow to plastic would be painting.

Standard color of the pellets are cream and the glow color is green.
Prices are in US$ and weight measure in kilograms. 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds
Minimum order quantity is 1 kilogram.

Glow in the Dark Universal Plastic Master Batch pellets

The main group of Glow Plastic Masterbatch is called the Universal Master Batch Pellets. This product can be mixed with any type of Clear Plastic, in any form (pellet or powder). You can even control the glow intensity of the finished product by adjusting the amount of Universal Master Batch, into the final mixture. Purpose of this product is to simplify the mixing process with other batches of plastic.
Body Color
Glow Color
Glow Time
Cost in US$/KG
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
Glow plastic universal  master batch
Glow in the dark plastic universal  master batch
7 hours
4 hours

We also have ready made plastic masterbatches for the
following types of plastic.
PP, ABS and PE.
More details available here.

Another Product slightly similar to this would be Glow Aquarium Pellets.

Technical Info in PDF Format

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