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Glow in the Dark Painting Instructions

Glow in the Dark painting is different from normal painting. In normal painting, the effects are viewed under normal light. In the dark, you see nothing. Likewise, with glow painting, the effects are viewed in the dark. Under normal light, you see nothing.

With this said, Glow in the Dark painting is best done in the dark, under a UV light. UV Black Light activates the glowing effect of the paint, thus enabling you to see exactly where you are painting.

UV LightsWe sell mini 6" battery operated UV light here. This is an optional item which can be added to your order of glow paint or glow powder.


UV LightsIf you would be painting large areas, we would recommend getting an Electrical 2" or 4" UV Black Florescent Light.

Glow Paints are energized by surrounding light (preferably those with UV rays) e.g. Sunlight (5 to 10 minutes charge time)
UV black light (5 to 10 minutes charge time)
and fluorescent light (25 to 40 minutes charge time)

Glow time depends on the grade of the product. Glow in the dark paint can be recharged thousands of times and last for many years.

Glow Paints can be applied by brush or spray gun. If spraying, it would be better to select pigments with a lower particle size (10~30) microns. The paint mixture should be thinned down with thinner.

If you would be painting outdoors, we recommend getting the Epoxy Gloss Protector. This product can be applied onto your painted glow surface to give it a gloss look with industrial standard protection. Suitable for outdoor use.

Glow in the Dark Painting Tips

  1. Surface to be painted should be clean
  2. Background color should be light colored or white. If not, apply a white layer prior to painting.
  3. Glow Painting should be done in the dark, under a UV Black light.
  4. Apply at least 2 to 3 coats of paint with a drying time of at least 20 minutes per coat.
  5. After every coat, charge up the painted surface with the UV light and check for uneven areas.
  6. It is better to apply more layers of thin coats than less layers of thick coats. Controlling the evenness of the glow paint is not easy with thick coats.
  7. Depending on the glow powder used in the mixture, the finished surface might be rough to the touch. This can be overcome by applying a layer of Gloss Epoxy over it.
  8. Gloss Epoxy Protector can be applied by brush but results would be better if it was sprayed on.
  9. The best way to experiment wih glow painting would be with the glow paint kit.

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