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Ever since we started we started selling glow paint in litres (33 fl.oz), we were receiving requests for smaller quantities, which we did by packaging it in 200ml cans and selling it as glow paint samples. Based on feedback we received, we found that this was still too much for the general retail market, who preferred it in even smaller amounts. Cat's Eye Glow Paint was created with this group in mind.

Cat's eye glow in the dark paint is pre-mixed, high quality, glow in the dark paint, similar to the glow paint we sell in litres (quarts). Only difference is that this is produced and packed for the retail market. The term "Cat's Eye" is used as a product name and logo to identify this product. Cat's Eye Glow Paint comes in packed in a transparent glass bottle and labeled with a transparent sticker, so that the the glow effects are clearly visible, as shown in the photos below.

Cat's Eye Glow Paint Distributor

Glow in the Dark Paint is a saleable, but costly product. We have solved the cost problem by selling it in smaller quantities, thus making it more accessible to a wider group. But to keep the costs down, we can only sell this in reasonable quantity, to Distributors.

Cat's Eye Glow Paint 15ml
1/2 fl.oz
Cat's Eye Glow Paint 30ml
1 fl.oz
Cat's Eye Glow Paint 60ml
2 fl.oz
Distributor Package Cost for 1 litre. Minimum order 3 litres.
Number of bottles you can get out of One litre.
(15 ml sized) bottles
(30 ml sized)
(60 ml sized)
Cost per bottle for Distributors
$250 / 60
= $4.10 / bottle
$200 / 30
= $6.60 / bottle
$200 / 16
= $12.50 / bottle
Recommended Retail Price
US$16.00 / bottle
US$26.00 / bottle
US$40.00 / bottle
Distributor Package Contents
  1. Pre-printed labels with your own company name (add $200)
  2. Three litres (99 fl.oz) of pre-mixed high quality glow in the dark paint. Comes packed in (three) 1-litre cans.
  3. Empty Glass Bottles (Number of bottles stated above)

Your job is to fill up the empty glass bottles with the paint, cap it. Stick the labels and its ready to be sold. Sell it to your schoolmates, working colleagues or distribute it to retail shops near you. You are free to set your own price but try not to sell higher than the recommended retail price.

Cat's Eye Glow Paint is easily saleable since we have scaled down the size and made it in smaller and cheaper. Packaging is kept simple but attractive. The labels are transparent so that the glow effects of the paint can easily be seen. When placing these in shelves in stores, we recommend having a UV Black light nearby to bring out the effects.
Cat's Eye Glow Paint

We are recruiting Distributors, all around the globe, to distribute and sell Cat's Eye Glow Paint, in their respective countries. To join as a distributor for Cat's Eye Glow Paint, simply fill out the form below and send it to us.

Your Order
Select the required bottle size below :
Cat's Eye Glow Paint 15ml
Cat's Eye Glow Paint 30ml
Cat's Eye Glow Paint 60ml
For each bottle size, enter the required amount in litres below.
Total amount should not be less than 3 litres.
15ml litres
30ml litres
60ml litres
Your Particulars:
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There is an additional $200 printing charge for this.

If you have a shipping account with any courier, you could use it to get this order sent to you.
Ship by FedEx                 DHL                  UPS
Shipping Account Number


  1. You can order any amount for each bottle size, but total should not be less than 3 litres.
  2. Once we receive this order, we would add shipping charges (if necessary) and invoice you for the total amount. No shipping charges if we use your shipping account to ship.
  3. Accepted payment methods is by wire transfer, cheques or credit card.

You can also purchase samples of Cat's Eye Glow Paint here.


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