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UV Light Sensitive Powder

Ultra Violet Light Sensitive Phosphorus Powder or UV Phosphorus Powder is a product that glows only when exposed to UV light (black light). With a body color of white or light-green, these powders can glow in colors like green, blue, yellow, purple, red and violet. These powders only glow when exposed to UV light. Remove the UV light source and they stop glowing. Glow effects are visible in both bright and dark environments. Similar to Glow Powder, this product must be mixed with clear ink in order to produce UV Phosphorus Paint.

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UV Phosphorus Powder (1 kg Pack)

UV Phosphorus Powder (1 kg Pack)

UV Light Sensitive Powders glow in different bright colors only when placed under or near a UV Light source (black light). Normal color of the powder is white. With a mixing ratio of 20% powder by weight, 1 kilogram of powder can be mixed with over 5 litres (1.3 gallons) of clear ink. UV Light...

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Viscosity Adjusting Agent - 100 gram pack

Viscosity Adjusting Agent - 100 gram pack

Viscosity Adjusting Agent is a required ingredient for making UV inks and paints. UV pigments are made from Rare Earth Crystals which are quite dense. When this is mixed into paints, they do not dissolve but stay suspended. If stored for a while and this can even be for only a few hours, the glow...

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