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Glow in the Cable Management

Glow in the Dark Cable Organizer for Outdoor Concerts.

Glow Cable Organizer  Glow Cable Organizer Glowing

Glow in the Dark Cable Coils are made from pvc plastic. This product can be coiled around wires, ropes, cables, poles, branches or anything that is not more than 10cm (4") in diameter.

Once coiled, it creates a luminance glow in the dark surface over the item it is coiled upon. It stays in place due to a gripping effect it naturally has.

Suitable uses would be in camping to mark tent pegs, ropes and even in the shipping industry. Most pratical use would be to organize cables in an outdoor concert at night.

Glow Coils   Glow Coilis

Glow cable coils are sold in lengths of 3 meters (3.3 yards)

Each Coil measuring 3 meters costs US$30.


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