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Glow in the Dark Paint and UV Powder

Manufacturer for a wide range of Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark Products
and Ultraviolet (UV) Light sensitive products.

Glow in the Dark Products

Absorb surrounding light and store it. In the dark, it gives off light in the form of a Glow.

The best Emergency Lighting which requires NO Electricity, messy wiring or any maintenance.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light sensitive products

React to UVB or Black Light, by changing colours. Remove the UV Light and they stop glowing.

Generally used for product identification, counterfeit prevention or entertainment.


Glow in the Dark

Difference between Glow in the Dark and Ultra Violet (UV) Black Light Sensitive Products.

Ultraviolet Light Reactive - UV Powder

  • Glow in the dark powder is the raw material used to manufacture all glow in the dark products like glow in the Dark paint, stickers, etc..
  • This works by absorbing surrounding light and giving out light in the dark.
  • Initial brightness is high. This fades off as long as it is in the dark. Expose it to light again and it starts glowing in the dark again.
  • Glow in the dark products work with any light source, but re-charge faster when using those with UV rays in them, like sunlight and black light.

glow in the dark

  • Ultra Violet Light reactive products react to UV lights by changing colors, when exposed to UV Black Light.
  • Brightness of the effects depend on the power of the UV Black lights used.
  • These products can only work with a UV light (sometimes referred to as black light). It does not work with sunlight even though the later gives out UV rays.
  • Pure UV Powder appears white under normal light. Changes color when exposed to UV lights.

ultraviolet light reactive

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